Bjorn Berg Music

an Independant Artist

Bjorn Berg is an Artist on Momentous Records.


Bjorn grew up surrounded by music. His family has a deep musical background. His mother was a music major in college, a band director for 10 years, and has always been the supportive mentor for Bjorn's music career. His father has played the accordion since he was a kid, and also is an excellent vocalist. Many of Bjorn's uncles and cousins are also musicians. His grandfathers on both Paternal and Maternal sides were also musicians.

Currently Bjorn is the frontman for Blue Collar 40 (BC40) a Country/Rock band based in La Crosse, WI. He along with 3 of his friends formed the BC40 in 2013. Since then they have become one of Southwest Wisconsin's premiere cover bands. They have opened up for some well know National Acts including Deanna Carter, David Lee Murphey, Little Texas, and David Nail. 

Bjorn's 1st full studio album is a collection of original music. A songwriter since he was 16, Bjorn has written 50 or more songs. The best of these songs will make up his 1st project titled "Eyes of my Mind".


Photo: Features Fest 9 (West Salem, WI 2016)